The world will be more interactive than other online games you've experienced. Pickupable and throwable crates and objects on the map, secret zones to find while lifting boulders, swipe through grass, swim across a river to a new zone! Some interactions will be unlocked at later levels or need to be trained to be stronger in lifting to carry larger objects. Leading to a much more interactive world.

While you adventure and live through your journey, you will come by many tough decisions. Each choice you make will place a weight on your scale of good and evil. Though you may prosper now, it will affect you later and vise versa. Specific areas of the game such as zones, skills, npc aggression, etc... will depend on the weight of your scale and your scale will overall effect your class type.

Professions will allow you to interact with different aspects of the game that can help with progression. Mining, Enchanting, Fishing, Cooking and Potion Mixing are some examples of professions. Each profession works with its own experience and level, allowing for those who have earned higher status to gain higher rewards from their work such as higher tier fish, better potion effects, stronger enchanting effect, etc.

The market will be located in a major city, where multiple stands are available for rent. Here you can sell anything you want presented on your stand, once you rent a stand and become a vendor players can then go around and shop for what is being sold at the market. Gold will be visually placed on the stand and the item wanted will be picked up.

In the world of Zenith, you can expect to always find fun and interesting items that are designed to help you in your journey in various different ways. Items can help you with travel, combat, visual effects, strategy tactics and more.

The world holds many unique types of weapons that require training to use at their maximum potential. Along with the usual weapons you find there will be some new unique range of weapon types to choose from. Scythes, Gloves/Claws, Flails, Magic Staffs, Grimores, Oscillas, throwable weapons of many types, and many other interesting weapon types!

Earlier we discussed a good and evil system, this is one example of how that system could affect you. Throughout the game procedurally generated weapons, called soul weapons, will be generated upon game launch. Not even the developer or admins will know of their name, enchantments, or how they look. These weapons were imbued with the mana of Zenith upon the creation of the world, so much so that they gained consciousness to whom they choose to be their owners. Bound with one highest tier skill it allows the wielder to use its bound skill and will change its stats based upon the wieldier. This weapon can be dropped, and can change users. It can also become attached to a user and that means making it yours can be harder and will require a series of intricate steps. There are an unknown amount of soul weapons in Zenith.

Specific areas will be designated for player versus player (PVP) combat, when entering a PVP area you will be warned. PVP areas will have higher leveled mobs the deeper you go into them, upon death from another player you will drop a bag containing everything on you. After the victor has taken all their winnings, the bag will remain for 30 minutes.

Skills will come in 4 tiers; Common, Unique, Rare & Legendary. Based upon your chosen class, your skill tree will unlock 1 unique skill and 1 rare skill at the end of your tree upon the creation of your character. That means that everyone will start off with 2 specialized skills, unique to only them. Your skill tree is mostly a common set of skills taught to adventurers for your class, while the world of Zenith is filled with skills that cannot be taught in class, and only to the unique few who learn from experience. This means while in the world of Zenith sometimes you will learn a new skill unexpectedly! For example, while killing slimes, you have low health and are dying of poison, if you survive you have a chance of learning a passive skill poison resistance. Skills can be written down in books or scrolls from players who learned them, only at their basic level. Although the chance of learning the skill is the same as the player who learned it, that means you may need multiple scrolls or books to succeed.